How do I get a license for Stat-A-Rama Baseball?

A: Stat-A-Rama Baseball full-version is FREE.

Is is possible to take my fantasy team players and construct a 'real' team and actually play other fantasy teams using SAR?

A: YES you can! That's one of the cool things about Stat-A-Rama. Go to a website that has major league baseball statistics such as MLB.com, and construct your team using the statistics of your players listed there. This would be the same as constructing an All-Star team for any year. If you wanted to construct the MLB All-Star teams for 2005 you would simply go to one of the baseball statistics sites and assemble your teams from the data.

Can I insert myself into the lineup and play on any MLB team using my own name?

A: YES! That's another of the cool things about Stat-A-Rama. For example, you can insert your name in place of Roger Maris' name within the 1960 New York Yankees master team data file, then play right next to Mickey Mantle using Roger Maris' statistics!

NOTE: You must insert your name into the 'master team data file' to do this....

WARNING:  Always back up your master team data files BEFORE you make any changes to them. This may save you a headache or two.

Can I use data from my Little League, High School, or College team to play against the Pros using Stat-A-Rama?

A: YES! Once again, that's one of the cool things SAR will do. As long as the data is configured correctly you can use ANY data from any team. Just make sure that you have all the required statistics that SAR needs to generate results. If you don't have all the statistics you can 'make them up' if you wish; or you can simply insert 'reasonable' values in place of those statistics you do not have.

EXAMPLE:  If you do not have any stolen base data on yourself personally you can calculate the average number of stolen base attempts, the average number of successful steals, and the average number of 'caught stealing' occurrences for your league, and then use these 'average' data values to create a reasonable performance statistic.

So I can play my High School, College, or Little League team against the 2010 World Series champion San Francisco Giants?

A: YES you can! Being that SAR uses 'statistics' to generate results then it's possible to create 'fair' matchups of teams such as Little League teams playing against major league teams etc. Also, if necessary, you can 'handicap' your team to make it more even---just modify your 'master team data file' so that the handicapping makes you equal in the area that you want to handicap.

Can I use the DH rule?

A: Yes. Stat-A-Rama is designed to allow for DH or non-DH team play.

Can my pitchers bat?

A: Yes. However, in addition to regular position players, you will need to construct pitcher-batting data within your master data file for each team where you want pitchers to bat.

What are the system requirements?

A: Operating system:  Windows 98,  Windows XP, and Windows 7 have been tested with Stat-A-Rama. Other operating systems such as Vista may work as well. Installing the demo prior to purchasing is always recommended so as to gain insight into any compatibility issues that may arise with your system.

A: Screen resolution:  Stat-A-Rama is optimized for 1440 x 900 minimum screen resolution. Higher resolutions will work fine; lower resolutions will work but may result in some screens being 'chopped off' and unable to fit within the single screen space available.

Can I have one team use a DH and another team with pitchers batting?

A: Yes you can. However, you must have at least one master file with pitcher-batting data. After selecting 'YES' on the 'Set Pitchers' interface to indicate your pitchers will be batting, you will need to go to the Lineup/Roster menu before starting the game and insert a DH into the lineup of the team that does not have pitchers batting. You will receive a warning/prompt to do this before the game is allowed to start. If you have pitcher-batting data in both master team data files, again just go to the roster-lineup interface before the game and put a DH into the lineup for the desired team while removing the pitcher-batting name (e.g.  R Clemens_Pi ) from the lineup.