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PhD Human Factors Psychology, Wichita State University, 2007
MA Experimental Psychology, Wichita State University, 2004
MS Clinical Psychology, Fort Hays State University, 2001
BA Psychology, Washburn University, 1999
BS Radio-TV Journalism, Kansas State University, 1990

Human-Factors Psychology, also known as Human Factors Engineering, is the science of human behavior and capability, applied to the design and operation of systems and technology ( My academic research thus far has focused on investigating the human behavior and capabilities of creativity, problem-solving, and judgment/decision-making, as found within the systems governing the sport of baseball, the science of game theory/strategy, the field of music cognition, and the field of ethics.

HBOS Windows Mobile 5, 6, or 6.1 w/touch-screen behavioral observation data collection and data processing system
iCara Software Interface Usability Test Tool
Statarama Baseball. A free software-based baseball simulator
Statarama VGB. A free PC virtual game board for statiscal baseball simulation games.
Select Publications/Presentations
Sippel, F., Meister, K. L., Miller, P. J., Howard, J. N., Can, A., Bowden, T., & Garlick, A. (2023). Mandatory reporting and the retaliation factor. Children and Youth Services Review, 144, 106747.
Howard, J.N. (2023). Spray-Chart Data Graphs as a Batter/Pitcher Performance Software-Simulation Source. The Baseball Research Journal (slated for SP24/FA24 edition)
Howard, J.N. (2023). Taurus vs Stairway to Heaven: A Novel MIDI-Note Empty-Space Dataset Algorithm to Detect Music Plagiarism. (in progress)
Howard, J.N. (2022). Gauging Teaching Performance: Observational Sampling Opportunity, Reliability, and the Manifestation of True-Response Data. Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation, 27(1), 1.
Howard, J.N. (2020). The Baseball Card as a Repurposed Data-Rich Source forTabletop Game Simulation. Journal of Sports Economics & Management, 10(3), 123-138.
Howard, J.N. (2018). ‘Keep the line moving’: Residual system state potential as a baseball hitting-style indicator. Journal of Sports Economics &Management, 8(1), 16-36.
Howard, J.N. (2018). Data from: ‘Keep the line moving’: residual system state potential as a baseball hitting-style indicator. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.fs6kv67
Howard, J.N. (2018). Hit Probability as a Function of Foul Ball Accumulation. The Baseball Research Journal, 47 (1), 60-64.
Howard, J.N. (2018). Data from: Hit probability as a function of foul-ball accumulation. Dryad Digital Repository. doi:10.5061/dryad.8546kv0
Howard, J.N. (2017). Communication and Sign Stealing in Baseball: Pitcher-Catcher ‘Hot-Key’ Sign-Indicator Obfuscation via Situational Game Data. International Journal of Sports Communication, 10, 281-289.
Howard, J.N. (2016). Flashback Gordon: Cryptic Communication within a Base-Running Relay-Throw Event. The Baseball Research Journal, 45 (1), 11-16.
Howard, J.N. (2016). On Creation toward Scientific Explanation: A Directional Law. Creation Research Society Quarterly, 52 (3), 200-205.
Howard, J.N. & Blaze, J.T. (2014). HBOS. A Free Mobile Solution for Functional Behavior Assessment. The Behavior Analyst Today (summer/fall 2015).
Howard, J.N. (2012). iCara Software Interface Usability Test Tool. The Open Channel Foundation Academic & Research Institution Software Publishing. (the Open Channel Foundation is now 'deceased')
Howard, J.N. (2011). Harmonic Content Influence on Colour-Choice Association with Unaccompanied Tones. Journal of Music and Meaning, vol. 10, Summer 2011.
Howard, J.N. (2010). The missing link: Dedicated patient safety education within top-ranked U.S. nursing school curricula. The Journal of Patient Safety, 6, (3) 165-171
Blaze, J.T., & Howard, J.N. (2010). HBOS. A Free Handheld Behavioral Observation System for Windows Mobile Devices. Presented at the National Association for School Psychologists (NASP) annual convention, Chicago, IL, March 2010.
Howard, J.N. (2009). Color choice as a function of waveform and force-feedback vibration: The association of color with differential waveform driven forcefeedback vibrational periodicities. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN-10: 3838314093 Available at
Howard, J.N., Lambdin, C. G., & Datteri, D.L. (2007). “Let’s Make A Deal”: Quality and availability of second-stage information as a catalyst for change. Thinking and Reasoning. Volume 13, Issue 3 August 2007, 248 – 272.
Howard, J.N., & Datteri, D.L. (2004). Integrated processing: Melodic temporal pattern and rhythmic syllable pattern of song title in unfamiliar music. Journal of Music and Meaning (2), Summer 2004.

Courses Taught Courses Taught
PSYC300 Intro. to Scientific Psychology PSYC489 Senior Capstone in Psychology
PSYC302 Cognition and Learning PSYC492 Topics: Ethics in the Behavioral Sciences
PSYC313 Biological Psychology PSYC492 Topics: Psychology in the Movies & TV
PSYC371 Statistics in Psychological Research PSYC492 Topics: Measuring Behavior
PSYC373 Research Methods in Experimental Psychology PSYC492 Topics: Psychology of Music
PSYC461 Theories of Personality EDER761 Graduate Research & Design
IDL190 Freshman Psychology Seminar PSYC221 Lifespan Developement
PSYC451 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior SOC410 Methods of Social Research
PSYC323 Social Psychology of Media PSYC311 Creativity and Cognition
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology