Statarama Baseball (SARBB) and Statarama Virtual Game Board (VGB) are both free for public use. I created the Statarama Baseball simulation game during the course of my baseball research endeavors as a means for testing the accuracy of a new statistical algorithm using real player data that I had come up with. The base algorithm for SARBB has also been turned into a game I call BubbleGum Baseball that can be played using the statistics on the back of ordinary baseball cards. I have actually used the game as an in-class teaching tool in my PSYC371 'Statistics in Psychological Research' course at Northern State University. In the near future there will be an area on this site that will introduce the game and how to play.

The VGB program came from the idea that most of the elements of statistical simulation physical board games could be placed into a virtual environment, leaving only the physcial elements such as the player data cards to be manipulated by hand. In short, at home I had a small messy desk where I wanted to be able to play simulation games---but the space just wouldn't allow it to happen with any degree of ease....thus the VGB was born. Both of these games are free to the public and I offer them at no charge as a way of simply saying "thanks" to those from the baseball simulation community who have painstakingly created and provided free resources that I myself have used with my baseball SIM software games and baseball hobby/research pursuits----websites such as:

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